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So, it has hit stores. Well, not really, but technically. It has, in São Paulo (there was even a line of 10 people at a mall, waiting for a store to open).

It's being sold by Claro, in select stores, details are hazy but so far, their website has the following prices:

8G - starting from US$1.079,95
16GB - starting from US$1.242,03
(exchange rate for today)

Vivo (owned by Telefonica) is also selling it, prices range from US$485,68 (8GB) to US$1.188,00 (pre-paid 16GB) but the contracts are much more expensive. I actually thought they weren't selling it yet, there's a form on their website that you can fill out to receive news, but they clearly state it doesn't mean like a 'reservation', and it's all very vague.

i've just read that they are selling it in stores, but there was no line.

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