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Avalon is just really niceAvalon is just really niceAvalon is just really niceAvalon is just really nice
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I can't answer all of your questions, but at least some of them...

The first line of single 1.8GHz PowerMacs had a 900MHz FSB, opposed to 600MHz in the actual one and the 20" iMac G5. This means that, allthough the CPU runs at the same speed, overall system performance is likely to be better on your PowerMac.
But according to what you're using it for, the iMac will be plenty enough, you don't really need the upgradability of the PowerMac.
CPU upgrades? Maybe, but not in the near's difficult to foresee how high they'll be...
Graphic card upgrades? Even if the iMacs card isn't the nonplusultra, it's more than powerfull enough for your gaming = no better card needed.
RAM upgrade? With 2GB you have plenty enough, unless you want to start some serious, professional video editing...
Harddisk upgrade? Depends on the amount of disk space you need...250GB is really a lot, and it won't fill up too fast, I guess...

Personnally, I would keep the PowerMac, because I like being flexible with upgrades. But that's just my personal preference...

Both of them are great for your usage, but if aesthetics are your main criteria, the iMac definitely is the better choice...the PowerMac already looks really cool, but the iMacs slim all-in-one design just looks mutch cooler, especially the 20".

Just my 2cents... :mac:
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