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My backup system to accomodate my Mac. I was using Mozy as well as Acronis and external hard drives with my PC but a beyond believable stupid operator error (um, that would be me) caused me to lose a half years' worth of digital art.

I vehemently dislike Mozy's Mac version and will not be renewing my subscription. Just last night I downloaded SuperDuper to give it a go and I liked it so I will buy it. Was able to reformat my external drive to Mac Journal (extended) with no headaches so I will be doing daily backup again soon.

I also run Time Machine manually on another external hard drive.

I am going to buy a third and take that one into the office, bring it home once a month. Not as good as daily off-site Mozy but I can live with it: between Time Machine, home ehd and work ehd I should end up with something no matter what.

When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose but if you lose something you had, it just hurts. $300 for hard drives is far far far less than I would pay to get my artwork back.
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