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A few months ago I sat down with my uncle and aunt to discuss replacing their aging Windows XP laptop, which was dying. After talking to them I advised them to get an iMac, as it does everything they needed and was very easy to learn to use (a key point for my uncle). They have absolutely loved it, and as a side benefit, it's made my life easier because they have now called me only once for problems. That one call is why I'm posting here. I'm mainly a linux user, and I also know windows quite well, but I admit that I'm not as familiar with OSX.

My uncle uses Hotmail, and wants to be able to have it open up when he clicks on a link in Safari (or Firefox). I've determined that this will not be a simple, straightforward thing to do. I have found a program called Webmailer (put out by Belkadan Software ( I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the program, or even another way to accomplish what I'm trying to do here.

I appreciate any suggestions (other than "why not get him off hotmail?" - not an option, unfortunately )

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