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Hello all, this is my first post, and especially with regards to MAC OS X, please try to be just a little patient with me. Thank you and thank you for your help.

Here is my situation. I have a Linux network with many mount points in both Samba and NFS. The entry point for these shares on the Linux servers is "/NET". This has been functionning this way for a very long time and included in here are mount points for MAC and Windows.

We have many scripts where "/NET" as the entry point is hard-coded. Changing all of them is an almost unsurmountable task.

Now with the latest updates to MAC OS X.5, the devs decided to go ahead and create their own "/net" folder and incorporate it as a "necessary hard-coded folder" in the OS itself.

I have tried to rename/remove, move, delete... said folder on the OS X.5 machine, but to no avail. If I mount it as "/NET" via Samba/NFS the OS recognizes 2 different folders... I.E. 1 in capitals and 1 in "non-capitals". This is outside of the Regular Unix/Linux behaviour and is IMO changing the OS base of MAC OS.

Does anyone know of a way- tweak, workaround, or anything else I can do, to "correct" this situation? I'll go as far as I need to (or just about) to resolve this. I am thinking maybe in Single User mode, mod the OS to no longer look for this folder and "hard-code" a different folder to the search path if required...

Thank you in advance and sorry about the Long post.
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