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I'm officially a Apple user. I bought a 12" iBook this morning. (Took work off today to play, hehe).

After much thought and research i felt i could do sooo much more with the iBook.

I'm on it right now and using my regular monitors, keyboard and mouse through a KVM. Just like i would with the mini.

What a brilliantly engineering piece of machine. God i love it. I'm so excited to be back. I hope to contribute to the forums soon.


As i am using my ibook through my kvm to my usual keyboard and mice. I dont see a setting where i can tell the ibook not to sleep when i shut the top. Is this possible??

Btw, i saw a few posts about this. iLife 05 obviously was not bundled with the iBook but when i got home i sent in a form on the apple site and for 20 bucks there sending me it when it releases because i bought a cpu after 1/11/05.

Thanks again for all your help. It was very helpful...

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