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The mac mini is cool and i would get it if i was looking for my next desktop. i think the mac mini may have slightly better performance b/c the hard drive will faster than the ibook hard drive, (7200 rpm vs 4200 rpm). That being said for me it's all about portability and i love the ibook for it. Secondly performance should not be an issue unless you are going to be running heavy programs. i don't which is why i'm really content with pretty muco any kind of computer. i think the mac mini will be much more difficult to upgrade with 3rd party ram by yourself unlike the ibook. i was told by a friend the mac mini's warrant is voided if you open up the mini. i think this is why on the apple site they tell you that if you don't install the airport card, it cannot installed by anyone except an authorized apple dealer. if that is true, of course you will have research my claims, ram is gonna be expensive if u are forced to buy apple's ram.
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