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Originally Posted by BlueMac View Post
It depends. Can you provide us with the specs of what you are looking at?

Also, the only role the computer plays in video/ photo editing is speed and storage, so you would want the highest specs or the specs that meet your needs. You should get something like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop if you will be doing extensive video editing. iMovie won't cut it.
Well storage wise I think I will get the external 1 TB HDD, so storage won't be my concern. I am worried about how fast I will be able to edit the videos because I don't want to spend a century on editing a 5 - 10 minute review. People are telling me the downside to the imac is that you can get max 4 Gigs of ram but will I really need more than that for what I am doing? I am not making any full length features. Also, people are saying that Imac's are used primarily for just email and surfing the web. I don't want to invest $4,000 (include 23" screen) if I don't have to.
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