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On the process of trying to install a new hard drive on a iMAC G3, I get the following error message on boot up. It's the first thing that shows up on the desplay.


BOOTr, unknow word
Failed to boot
Apple iMac Open Fireware 3.0.f3 built on 12/02/98 at 10:25:41
Copyright 1994-1998 Apple Computer Inc
All Rights Reserved
0 > _

At first I thought that it was not dedecting the new hard drive (Seagate 40Gb @ 7200 RPM), but when I installed the orginal drive (Western Digital 6Gb) back the, the same above error message continued to show.

The orginal Western Digital 6Gb still has a working copy of OS8.6 on it.

What is going on with this iMAC?
How do I go about fixing it?

Also how does one go about upgrading the firm were? Will I be needing a USB Floppy Drive for this.

And finally, did there any way that I can check where or not a hard drive is MASTER or SLAVE with out having to manually open up the iMAC and physically looking at it.
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