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Originally Posted by jbsengineer

1. In everyone's opinion's how much of a performance different will there be between a Mac Mini1.25ghz and a 12" 1.2 ibook? I'm assuming hardly none beacuse the only difference really is the FSB...

2. This is a FAR STRETCH (but just need to check). But when buying in the apple store i understand they'll throw the ram in there that day if you decide to upgrade. But what about a possible hard drive upgrade... (crossing fingers).

3. Best place to buy ram for a iBook online?

Thanks and I soon hope to be a Mac Guru as well as a Microsoft ("dark side" i know)

Welcome back!

1. The mini, the eMac, and the iBook pretty much share the same componets - so there's really no discernable difference unless you can telepathically measure clock speeds to the exact 1/10th of a MHz in your head.

2. Hard drive and memory upgrades can be done in store on the day of purchase, at least from what I've asked Apple and the local Apple competition (Simutek.)

3. Where's the best place to buy ram *anywhere?*

My vote goes to Crucial, but you may have a preference to go elsewhere.

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