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I'm 22 years old. I grew up on apples since i was little. My dad always warned me of the "dark side". My earliest mac i could remember was the good ole performa 600 with 120mb of hard drive. It was great. I used Macintosh right up until OS 9. I love computers and networking. At that point I went to school for windows and tought myself a wealth of "stuff". Also from that point I've yet to own a MAC. At work I'm known as the Windows guy. I build Windows Servers for a university and I'm heading up a migration from Novell to Windows in a 20K student university. I always have my hands in Cisco and Red Hat. Had my MCSE when I was 19 and my CCNA when I was 20. Unfortunatly I have had a void since I left the "cult of mac."

But still can't shell out enough dough to buy a Apple to compete with my dad. I miss them. So when I saw the rumors come true. I went frantic. There is no way I'm passing up a $499 apple mac mini to sit on my desk. I'm counting the days!!

But now I'm starting to lean maybe toward an iBook. I sold my Windows laptop just recently so I have some extra $$ and I'm short a laptop. Although the Mini would be awesome to have. I think i would really like the 12" iBook. Maybe the 14".

So I hope to be welcomed back to the "mac world" in the next few days.

I do have a couple questions before my purchase...

1. In everyone's opinion's how much of a performance different will there be between a Mac Mini1.25ghz and a 12" 1.2 ibook? I'm assuming hardly none beacuse the only difference really is the FSB...

2. This is a FAR STRETCH (but just need to check). But when buying in the apple store i understand they'll throw the ram in there that day if you decide to upgrade. But what about a possible hard drive upgrade... (crossing fingers).

3. Best place to buy ram for a iBook online?

Thanks and I soon hope to be a Mac Guru as well as a Microsoft ("dark side" i know)

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