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I was on the USS Tarawa LHA 1 at 32nd St. Naval Base in San Diego. I had 24 hour watch the day before and was taking a nap before quarters that morning just waiting to be dismissed for the day.

I heard a huge commotion for a while but was half asleep and was trying to ignore it but finally peeked my head our from where I was sleeping and saw the crew waiting to come on watch freaking out at the tv. It hit me like a ton of bricks when one of my shipmates saw me and said "we're under attack".

There were all kinds of unsubstantiated rumors flying around that day, and even though I was on the West Coast people were saying there might be more hijacked planes out of LAX and our base was considered a target so we were pretty jumpy that whole day, especially because of the fact that all ships were ordered out to sea and moving, but we were broken down and couldn't get out so we felt pretty vulnerable.

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