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You're being paranoid and there is no way your coworker actually managed to get a program that does all that on your Mac, especially since most people don't even know how to use OS X. But I'll give you a sure-fire way of knowing 100% for your peace of mind.

Open the application called "Activity Monitor" and make it show you "All Processes." Then check every entry you see using Google or something to make sure it's a valid OS X process (or one of the Applications you know is running) and that you know it should be running. If nothing turns up as suspicious after doing that, you're fine.
i hope im being paranoid but why is it impossible for a co-woker to do that? the person who im suspicious about is actually in charge of IT, if he wants to switch on my machine after hours he can without any explanation cause thatís his job.

The reason why im suspicious is I have been on MSN messenger late at night and I have been logged off and it says ive been signed off because I have been logged in from another computer. I am so very careful with passwords I change them all the time and even since me changing the password I get kicked off msn late at night randomly. This has fuelled my suspicions that he has managed to get my password via some key logger program at work, however I cant say 100% though and want to do whatever I can to see if he is monitoring me or not.
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