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Hey Everyone,

im new to this forum and have a question here that i am not sure is common or not on this forum, so if it is please excuse me.

I dont know exactly what OSX im running but it wouldnt be any older than a year, i have a G5 and use it at work - its not my computer, i use a PC at home.. BOOHOO! I have reason to believe that someone at my work has installed some sorta spy program on my Mac (something like Spector) that is recording my every move, so when i log into hotmail it gets my passwords, keeps track of what im typing to friends over email ect.

The question is how can i tell if something like Spector/spy softwear has been installed on my Mac at work? Is there any way of me checking the last time the Mac was switched on? i would like to be able to see if my actual G5 is being used at night, i know i can just clear my programs and see if anything pops up in the recent programs list but im sure whoever has installed some sorta spy softwear on my machine is much smarter than this and can cover the tracks.

If someone could please give me some advise and some answers it would be very much appreciated, as I would love to get to the bottom of this. If you need any info in regards to the machine i am running let me know and ill post it when i go to work next.

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