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fearlessfreap24 is just really nicefearlessfreap24 is just really nicefearlessfreap24 is just really nicefearlessfreap24 is just really nice
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that was my last day attached to the USS John F Kennedy (CV-67). a friend of mine was standing the gate watch as you entered the pier and had the news on his pager. there was a crowd around him because he was telling us this. all of us were in disbelief. the television was not working on the ship because it was getting ready to get underway anyway. after the group of us that were staying behind removed the mooring lines from the bollards, the commanding officer called away a "quick draw," which is a fast response routine to get small caliber weapons mounted and manned. the ship left the basin armed and ready and i returned to my house which was on base. i lived just within view of the main gate on naval station mayport. the gate was shut down and traffic was piled up for miles. to this day, i can not remember watching the hours of replays. but i do remember watching the aftermath for weeks. i can not listen to the annual reading of names and i can not look at pictures of the carnage without shedding a tear.

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