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I was at work, and noticed that there was an unusually large group of people gathered in the conference room next to my office, watching the TV. I looked in and looked at the TV just in time to see the second plane hit. The rest of the day was pretty much thinly veiled chaos.

My biggest worry most of the day was waiting to find out what had happened to my brother-in-law, who worked at Merrill Lynch at the WTC. He was on the phone telling my sister that he was all right when the second plane hit and took out the cell tower. She had to wait until he made it home that night to know he was all right.

Jah, you refer to "cataclysmic" events in your post. My online dictionary defines the word "cataclysmic" as relating to or denoting a violent natural event. There was nothing natural about the violent events that occurred that day. The survivors of those events did and do have the strength to go on, but that doesn't mean we will forget what happened, or why it happened.

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