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I have some very strange problems with my external harddisks.
I use a Intel PCs and my PowerMac together. I bought an external USB Harddisk, which works fine on my Laptop and other computers I own, but it doesn't work neither on my PowerMac (G4, 400) nor a brandnew Dual-G5 1800 from a friend.
When I connect the USB harddisk, nothing happens, when I do a refresh in System information the Mac slows down to a crawl.
So I bought another external harddisk, this time with USB and Firewire connectors. Guess what, it works fine on my Intel PCs (both on Linux and Windows). Plug & Play. I created two partitions: A smaller one with NTFS for my personal data and a big one with FAT32 for stuff and things.
I connected it to my Mac and both partitions showed up and I was able to transfer files. The next morning, after starting the Mac, only the NTFS partition is visible on my mac and also trying to connect with USB was without any luck. (On the PC there is no problem)
I didn't find anything on the web, so can anybody help me??? Has anyone had the same problems and did something to fix it???
As I am waiting for my delivery of 2 Mac minis and I know, that I will need external harddisks for them, I am anxious that they will not work on them.
I have the newest MacOSX installed with all updates. And yes, I need FAT32 and/or NTFS, because I am transfering a lot of files to/from Intel-PCs.
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