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just received my macbook a couple of hours ago.

lol as i'm typing this up, my mac is putting little red lines under some words i miss-spelt (i had to add "lol"). then i right click (forget what you mac guys call it) and it gives me the correct spelling. hehe a small thing i know, but it's awesome.
i used it alot on windows with ms office word. . .but having it when i type up replies on the net is great.

anyhow, i booted the computer up, changed the settings a bit (so when i tap on the mouse pad, it clicks, i also enabled the 2 finger tapping). *lmao, i thought finger was spelt fingure. . .i've been spelling it that way for years. guess my mac is alot smarter then me *

so far i'm in love with this thing. it's fast, it's great looking, the screen is waaay brighter and bigger then i was expecting, the keyboard is amazing, and i love the looks of it.
i'm in the process of installing world of warcraft (only a 14 day trial) and we'll see how that runs.

i'm sooo tired *yes mac, i know it's not spelt sooo, but rather so. get over it! lol* i didn't sleep much last night, and now i'm too excited for a nap.
i'll post more (along with a billion questions i'm sure i'll soon have) when i'm more awake.

just a quick update.
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