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Originally Posted by bryphotoguy View Post
Windows will run better on a PC system than on the Mac. There isn't 100% compatibility because of all the drivers and such. But it's pretty close.
Most versions of Windows won't utilize some of the Mac Pro's power like the 16GB of RAM and possibly all 8 cores.
A capture card should work fine. It is probably more dependent on the OS than the hardware for compatibility.
Vista 64BIT will. I use it for 3DS Max. Don't know where on earth you got the other fud from, but Windows SCREAMS on Macs.

Originally Posted by halo200 View Post
But can you buy a motherboard that supports 2 Quad cores? I've only ever seen Single CPU Slot boards. Im building one next year and i'd love to have 2 Quads in there.
Google "Intel Skulltrail" which is a dual XEON motherboard. Downside is, it requires the same fully buffered DIMMS that Mac Pro uses; EXPENSIVE!.
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