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Okay. Now, this was rather stupid of me, but last year I had left a copy of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 in my MacBook's disk drive. It was jostled around in there for a couple weeks, and when one day I actually had to put something IN my disk drive, it got really angry at me. Like, UBER angry. I pressed the eject button, and it made noises like it was ejecting, but then it sucked the disk back in. This repeated until I got so fed up with the darn thing that I took a knife and put it under the disk, pushing it up and letting it eject.

But now, my MacBook has learned from its mistakes. Now I have my brand new copy of Spore stuck in the disk drive, and it DOES NOT want to let go. I don't want to knife up my copy of Spore, so its like it is holding a hostage. Has anyone had experiences like this, and can you tell me what you did? I wouldn't want to take Mr. Mac to the repair shop.

P.S. - I've done all the stuff with Disk Utility and Unix, but to no avail.

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