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it's just been shipped! wow, i ordered it today (friday afternoon) and they already shipped it out. very cool (i figured it'd be monday at the earliest before it shipped).
should be here on the 10th.
lol i feel like a giddy kid right now. soooo exciting.

okay, i've been talking to my parents about getting myself a mac for a couple of months now.
they wanted to help me (i needed my dad's good credit. i'll pay the computer off, but i need to make monthly payments, and my credit isn't so good).

i just ordered a refurbised 2.4GHz white macbook, with 2gigs of ram, and 160gig hard drive.
i also ordered a cheap carrying case for the macbook.

i originaly wanted a macbook pro. my dad couldn't get approved for a $2000 purchase though (through apple's credit card, or through bill me later).
we talked it over, and i gave it some thought.
i decided to go with the macbook.
now honestly i like the looks of the macbook alot more then i like the looks of the pro. . .hehe i just looks cute and very clean. i love the looks of the machine.
plus i don't play games hardly at all on computers (i do like world of warcraft though, which macbook can handle). so having a dedicated video card isn't necessary.

the macbook will do everything i'm looking to do right now. i've been without a computer for a couple of years now (have to goto my parent's to use a computer). . .so i'm just thrilled to be getting a computer in the first place. . .let alone just a powerfull, sleek, and cute computer.

and i took my mom's notebook up to my appartment today to see if i was getting any unprotected wifi signals.
sure enough, i'm getting 2 unprotected signals.
1 is kinda weak, but would work.
but the other is full strength. . .and it's comming from a mcdonald's that's a few blocks away (lol i was suprised i was picking up a signal from them. . .and it's full strength which is awesome).
so i got free high speed internet (so freaking awesome).

plus one last thing,
it would've taken me about 2 years to pay off a macbook pro (paying $100 a month).
on the macbook, it'll only take me about 12-14 months, which is great. 2+ years is a long time to be tied to payments on a computer. 1 year is much easier to swallow.

so i don't know what the point of my post is.
i'm just extremely excited. this is seriously a dream come true, and i can't believe it's happening.
my first mac, and i can't freaking wait .
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