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Hi Guys,

As you are all fellow mac users, and I am new to macs, I have a quick question.. I have just purchased a mac book pro, and at first I thought its colour inaccuracy was something to do with OSX (my other machines are windows based) so I installed xp using boot camp and was surprised to see this made no difference whatsoever to colour. My Photography, web pages and anything else I view on my PC display (which is calibrated) is far more saturated than my mbp's screen. So I hooked up my mac book to an external display, and boom, a huge colour difference!

Is this an issue with mac laptops in general or just the mac book pro's?
My photo's really shine on my external display, vibrant colours.. but on my mac book pro's screen they are just washed out and lifeless.

When I make adjustments in lightroom on my mac book pro am I going to have to guess how they are going to end up looking printed? (my external dislplay colour matches my prints)

Thanks for your help
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