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I need some help please.

I purchased a Time Capsule in February and I set it all up and have had no problems with my Mac getting online or my PS3. Until last Sunday.

Now this could be an issue with the game needing a patch but I cannot get online with Mercenaries 2: World in Flames through my router. I have searched other forums and a lot of other people are having problems. I have never had an issue with any other PS3 game I have played online and as I said since I got my Time Capsule I have had no problems with my Mac or PS3. Is there anyone here with a PS3 going through an Aiport Extreme and actually successfully connecting to games in Mercs 2?

Now on to my questions.

How do I properly set up DMZ and NAT (when I view my settings status on my PS3 the NAT type is 2) settings in Aiport Utility? Also port forwarding, is it needed if I don't have the firewall turned on? How do I set up port forwarding in the Airport Utility? I have looked through manuals and online and just don't get it.

Another question is about UPNP. On my PS3 it always says unavailable when I check my settings. Does the Airport Extreme have this function? Would it affect anything?

I did hook my PS3 directly up to my modem and the game did finally connect last night, but it won't connect through my router. So it has to be something I missed.

I appreciate any help.



EDIT - I forgot to mention that my PS3 is hardwired to my Time Capsule and my iMac is wireless. If that matters.
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