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Hi all, first time poster here and apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum.

Anyhoo i am a sound production student and am looking to develop into a career in it. At the moment im in the market to buy a macbook. And i am undecided whether to just buy a macbook or part with extra cash for the macbook pro.

I will be using it for programs such as pro tools, reason and logic with various plugins. As well as using an M-box and probably a midi keyboard. I will also use this laptop for my own personal use, internet, emails, music, photos etc. And maybe to play a couple of games to since my desktop PC is old now and is really poor at running some games that i have on anything more than low settings. I will probably also be taking it to college with me but it doesnt matter if its heavy or light to be honest as ill be on the train most of the time. Anyhoo i am just wondering whether a Macbook will be able to do all this for me perfectly or would it be worth the extra money to go for the PRO.

Again hi everyone and sorry for being a total mac newbie and if this is in the wrong bit of the forum.

Any advice, help or suggestions would be greatly appreaciated. thanks in advance.
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