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Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
Sorry if I'm being slow . . .

Is what you want to do just to maintain the HD quality of your 'footage' for playback on TV (somehow)?

If so avchd isn't really supported as an output format. It's used as a capture format.

There are several 'containers' that can handle HD resolution video. The obvious one to go for on a Mac is Quicktime H.264 which can support all the common HD resolutions including the 1920x1280 that your camcorder is capable of. Though you'll probably want to crop that to 1920x1080 for TV output.
More or less.

THe reason I'm talking avchd is because forum advisors suggest a DVD with an AVCHD file on it will playback on a PS3 or other blu ray player.

Are you suggesting QT H.264 will not lose definition?

If so, great. Then all I need to know is whether the Mini or Apple TV is the better option as a medium for playing these on our TV. I've read reviews of the Apple TV that are somewhat scathing, but my Mini doesn't have the Remote functionality or the DVI to HDMI cable.

I guess I'll also need some sort of storage for the masses and masses of disk space these things require.
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