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Hi all, my first post here so briefly my set up so far is:

MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Core Duo 2GB (OSX 10.4.11)
MacBook Air 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo 2GB (OSX10.5.4)
Sony HDR TG3

We do little video at home, but I've had great success with regular comcorders and iMovie and iDVD. I find the 'Magic iDVD' function particularly useful to just get everything on to a playable disk.

So, on to my questions.

Ideally I'd like to do the same with the HD footage we're now getting from the TG3 - one touch, all done - is this possible?

I've heard you can burn HD footage to a normal DVD (something I could do with my MacBook), does this have any play back problems with anything other than the PS3?

Would you recommend upgrading to Leopard on the MBP, or can the Air handle it?

Lastly what hardware for playing and recording blu ray disks would you recommend? (I have an XBox so no need for another gamestation)

Thanks for your time,

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