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I've tried on numerous occasions to use Parallels 3 on my MBP 2.4 ghz 4gb ram, without success. I use graphic intensive programs such as AutoCAD MEP 2009, and parallels just can't cut it. Yes 3d acceleration is provided but on 64 mb graphics memory, I have 256mb and would like to use it!.

At the time i used it, it also only supported Direct X8, I don't know if this is still the case. Unreal Tournament 2003 requires 256 mb ram and 128 video mem, HL2 needs 256 ram + DirectX 7. Games like these, in todays standards, are fairly low demanding on pc requirements. I would like to be able to play todays more graphically enhanced games.

Typical quotes from the net:

“I purchased Parallels 3 (two copies actually) because of what was said about the product. I knew a VM wouldn't ever be as fast as native booting but "near native" was taken as fact. I was figuring 75% to 50% speeds.

-New! Run today’s most popular PC games on a Mac with support for 3D graphics
-Play the hottest 3D games! OpenGL and DirectX support lets you explore a whole new world of 3D games and applications right on your Mac. Play Half-Life 2 and work in Sony Vegas at near native speeds right in your Parallels virtual machine.
-Play Windows-only 3D games, such as World of Warcraft, Half-Life 2, and Unreal Tournament
-Render in complex 3D CAD programs such as 3DMark
-Work with CPU-intensive video and sound editing software such as Sony Vegas
-Run mission-critical 3D applications on your Mac
-Enjoy your favorite Windows-only games and graphics applications directly in your Windows virtual machine at full native speed without rebooting

And all those lies are just on three pages! Let alone all the free advertising from other sites stating these same claims. I have a Mac Pro, 4GB of RAM, nothing running on the OS X side and I'm lucky if I can see the bird flying on the HL2 splash screen where you pick "New Game" I maxed out all the settings I could for the VM and yes I did enable DX."

“Basically, if you're expecting to do anything related to multimedia or graphics, don't use it. As I use 3d animation in my workflow daily, I require a lot of power. Parallels is crap for that. If you need to use lightweight Windows programs, great, it'll work. But anything remotely data-intensive: forget it. And games? If it's been released since 2004 it probably doesn't work well. At all.”

We cant all be talking "pure nonsense". Personally I would love to be able to use Parallels, but despite maxing out my Ram to 4gb, having a 256 mb Nvidia 8600m GT graphics card, it's not, or wasn't in June 08, effectively useable. I appreciate that if you want to use old games, do basic surfing, and don't mind the jumping movement of desktop windows, parallels might be for you.
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