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When I took my new (OS X v. 10.5.4) MacBook to the local Apple Store to fix a broken power switch (had deck replaced), two men on the genius desk told me I could make a good external drive by buying an internal drive and case, and that once they were assembled and the drive was turned on and plugged in to the USB port, Time Machine would automatically take over and start backing up my files.

On their advice I bought a case through NewEgg and a Seagate (Serial ATA) 3.5" drive, assembled them and hooked them up. The drive runs, but the computer only partially recognizes it. It shows up on the system profiler, but nowhere else, (for instance, not on the finder window under "devices"). Time Machine could care less about it. When I open Time Machine and it says choose backup disk, no disk shows up in the window.

Is there a setting I have wrong? I have no reason to believe the drive is faulty, and do not believe I need a driver with OS X v. 10.5.4 (if so, where do I go to download it? Apple? Seagate?
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