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New to Mac as of 2 weeks ago, so far I'm loving it! (please forgive me if any of my questions are dumb, I'm new to the scene)

I was recently given a PowerBook G4 with 1.33 GHz PowerPC processor, and 512 MB of RAM. The OS version is 10.3.9. 3 questions:

1. Is upgrading to 2 GB of RAM worth it if all I ever do is surf the web? I usually have 2-3 firefox windows open, with like 5 tabs open in each window. My gut tells me that I'm not really going to notice much of an improvement if I get more RAM because what I'm doing is hardly RAM intensive.

2. Any point in upgrading to the latest OS? Is it going to run slow on my machine, even if I moved up to 2 GB of RAM?

3. Since I have a "PowerPC" processor, does that mean I can run Windows XP using Parallels?

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