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I'm using i-movie HD (06) and as with all lengthy and detailed movies I make it in two parts because after about 30 minutes the sound starts to break up.

When the second half is complete, I compress it into a Quicktime movie by going to SHARE/QUICKTIME/EXPERT SETTINGS then 768-576 at 24 fps (which I think is the default) - and then I import it and stick it on the end of part one.

Then of course it has to be compressed again for DVD, though first I compress the whole movie as a Quicktime file by the same method, so the second half of the movie has been compressed twice, and although there is virtually no difference in the picture quality I have noticed that pans and long shots are not as smooth as they should be, and the picture jerks a little.

Is there anyway to avoid this, and am I using the best compression settings for that which I wish to achieve?

Many thanks

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