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Do I guess right that what you're thinking of is a self-contained, portable recording device which you would use in the field and then bring back and connect to a Mac to offload the recorded files? I came across this forum thread because I am trying to use a specific such device, a Sony ICD-P620, with a Mac. For this device, it looks like the only possibility is to run Sony's software in either Darwine or a virtual machine like Parallels or VMWare.

I have looked for a similar device which is supported on the Mac and it's disappointing that I can't seem to find one. It's also peculiar that these devices don't work essentially the same way as every digital camera out there and just have their internal memory mount as a disk when they are plugged into a USB port. My cell phone, an LG VX-8100, has a voice memo feature and it can transfer the recorded files to a Mac. The only problem is that it's got a 30 second limit and that isn't practical for my present purposes. At work, we have Phillips recorders which have SD/MMC card slots and you can get the recordings off the card onto a Mac and convert them. Unfortunately, the Phillips devices are expensive.

So, to get back to the broader question. Is this, indeed, a case where you really need a separate device and can't just record directly to the Mac?
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