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I'll be doing ME this coming year as well, I (and my college professors) recommend the Macbook Pro. You may be able to get away with Macbook if money is an issue, but I would have to say, I love my Macbook Pro.

Works awesome with Vista (yes you heard right, vista works good!!!), I even tried a few games, COD4 (maxxed out settings on everything 1680x1050 on 22" monitor) and Crysis (1680x1050, Med-High settings on 22" monitor), and they both play great with high frame rates, so I'm guessing AutoCAD, and other CAD programs will be nothing for the 8600M GT GPU.

Ordered MBP online and got it in 3 days, (ordered friday, got it Monday), I don't know how thats possible, it started in Shanghai!

-Zach, A.C.T.
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