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Originally Posted by ChiliPepper View Post

I just joined. I am ready to order a MacBook for school. I have narrowed my choices to the following:

BlackBook 2.4 / 4GB RAM with AppleCare

MBPro 2.4 / 15" Matte / 2GB RAM / 7200RPM HDD with AppleCare

I am taking Mechanical Engineering, I will be using AutoCAD and other design programs. I am planning on running Fusion and XP Pro on it mainly for AutoCAD.

I have been researching MacBooks extensively for the past while, but am still having a tough time deciding between the two.

My main reason for not just going for the MBP is the potential problem with the nVidia card. Talking with a friend that has a Santa Rosa MBP, he seems to think that the BlackBook would meet my needs without the possibility of the problems with the nVidia card.

So my question is, given my needs should I even be considering a BlackBook?

- Matthew
For your use, I'd suggest the MBP. Upgrade the RAM to 4gb on your own and you should be set. I would never buy RAM from Apple because the markup is border line insane. You can find 4gb of RAM on newegg for under $80.

As for apple care, you could always check out ebay. They have some buy it nows for $160 or so. Saves you $100 bucks. Got mine from there and didn't have a problem activating it.

Personally, I wouldn't even consider a regular macbook.

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