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I got my first Migraine about a year and a half ago and i have to say it was te most painful think ive ever felt i was pukeing up for about 3 hours non-stop, had this unbelievable pain in my head i was basically holding my head and rolling around in my bed because the pain was unbearable i tried to get comfortable but it was no good it was almost impossible to get my head comfortable.
My mam rushed me to the hospital and it was then that it started to calm down by the time i got into the room were the nurse was asking me questions e.g.what did it feel like, how long did it last etc... it went away.

I then started to get them quite often like 2 times a week then i got these tablets called 'Pizotefen' these worked GREAT! after taken these tablets i never got a Migraine for about a month and when i finally got a Migraine it wasnt really that painful compared to my 1st Migraine, all i did was go to bed and i would feel as if there was no were i could get to sleep but the longer i lied in bed the more relaxed i got and i would wake up about 2 hours later with a slight headache but nothing worth moaning about.

Now because i have a new job i havent had a migraine in about 3-4 months i couldnt be more happy.

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