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Hello once again. Yes, that 40K sampling rate is only for the DSP - not what we are looking for. True to Behriner, the documentation isnt that great. Don't worry though, thats still a pretty decent desk for your purposes!

You need a cable like this one: or this one:

Don't skimp on quality with that cable. Buy something that has nice and thick insulation and don't buy a unnecessary long one. This minimizes noise. You can ask any decent electronics store for a RCA TO STEREO MINIJACK cable. Maybe run down to best buy and get something cheap to check if you get satisfactory results.

When you get the cable, connect the RCA side (the two larger plugs) to the tape output or something similar on the desk. The other side goes into the line input of the mac. (next to the headpone output) Then, go to the sound prefrences pane in system prefs and select 'built in input' for input.

Next, play something through the desk and set your main output levels on the desk so that the meter goes to the 0db mark. Now set the input sensitivity on the mac so you get nice level, but dont distort. Its very important to ensure that you get nice loud level, but not too much for the machine to handle. You have that little meter showing you your input level. Having it at about 3/4 is safe, because you still leave some headroom for when a loud snare comes through or something. Garageband should also show you your levels. Always keep an eye on those.

Following these steps, you should get a pretty decent sound out of your setup! Let me know how it sounds or if you have any more questions.

PS: As far as that old windows mic goes, yes, macs want line level, not mic level. You may think its stupid now, but you will realize later that its actually a good thing.
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