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Often its not the machine being tempramental, but just really really dodgy drivers. Im not saying this is the case, but often the lower end stuff doesnt have solid mac drivers.

Anyway, as far as the sampling rate goes; 40khz? Are you sure? Thats a strange samling rate, but ok, try to match that and see if it helps. Go to AUDIO MIDI SETUP (its an app in the utilities folder) and make sure that the sampling rate is set to 40k. Make absolutely sure that the settings there match the specs of the unit. Check if it needs to be 16 or 24 bit also. I would guess 16 bit. The clicks you hear are caused by overruns . This can be caused by many things, but this is often caused when a unit starts to drift and the timings get screwed up.

If that doesnt work and you dont want to experiment further, I would use line out on that desk and record analog. The desk should have a tape out or something similar with RCA outs. You can use a normal minijack to RCA cable. On that desk, no one will hear the difference anyway I suspect. The RCA end goes into the mixer and the minijack side into your mac's line in.

Ill try to source one of those desks locally so I can have a look at the problem for myself. Just for interest sake.

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.
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