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Hey man, thanks for the reply. It does only happen when I record through USB - what is the analog input on the Mac? It looks like the only possible input I can use to plug anything from the mixing board into the Mac is the USB port.

I know it's not a problem with the built-in mic, but of course that thing can't handle stuff much louder than voice...

I posted the same message in another audio forum and it looks like the USB ports in Macs were designed poorly for use with USB audio inputs. From what I've heard elsewhere, there's really nothing I can do about the problem until Apple announces some sort of fix. Hopefully somebody can prove me wrong... I can't believe how much hype Macs get about being great for producing audio and this is the problem I have. For a $2500 computer there's gotta be a solution to this problem, I know I can't be the only one recording via USB.

Thanks in advance for anyone who has any input, I'm really desperate.
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