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Hey guys,

I'm having this problem with my Mac that is going to make me go crazy. First, the specs - I have a relatively new (bought in April) MacBook Pro running OS 10.5, I use GarageBand for recording, and I use a Behringer mixing board that plugs into the computer via USB (CD/tape). I use a couple mics and sometimes plug a keyboard or guitar directly into the board, but in any case, all my musical equipment is very high end stuff and I know that the problem isn't stemming form cheap mics or cables.

So after getting all of these goodies hooked up to the computer, I started the recording process. After messing with the mics and settings on the board I got a great sound for the instruments I was trying to record, so sometimes when I record it sounds absolutely fantastic. THEN, for no reason at all, I'm listening to my recording on playback and this hideous symphony of crackles and pops takes over the otherwise great sounding audio recording. So this problem comes completely randomly and I have NO idea of knowing when it will happen: I might do a bunch of takes in a row, each 5 minutes long, and listen to each one after and, even though the audio is perfect, I make my own error and decide I don't want the take so I delete it. Then on the 5th, 10th, 15th, or whatever take it is, say I finally get it right and go to play it back - for 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 1 minute (it's always random!) it sounds perfect but then out of nowhere come these crackles! It's annoying not knowing how to predict when they'll happen, so if I'm trying to record a 30 minute jam session with my band I have no idea of knowing whether my recording will be ruined by the time I come back to listen to it.

I've researched this a lot online and found different fixes for different people's problems but so far nothing has worked for me. I've tried turning the airport off and messing with computer settings but nothing has worked. I don't understand how the audio going into the computer can be so perfect for a while then just randomly go to sh*ts.

This also does not only happen in GarageBand- it happens in any program I've tried making audio recordings in. The other night I wanted to make a short video of me drumming and screwed up the first couple takes (the audio was perfect, my playing was not). And whaddya know, the first time I get a take I'm happy with, there are those awful crackles sabotaging me. I have a link the actual video - I recorded it with PhotoBooth and built-in Mac camera; the audio is coming from the mics hooked up to the mixing board.

I bought the Mac and all the recording equipment in hopes of creating a decent enough studio for my band to use for serious recording but the random presence of the crackles has ruined all my attempts to make anything quality. If anyone has any idea how to fix it or can shed any light on the problem it would be most appreciated - thank you so much!
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