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Very good summary - but with one piece of advice missing.
If you install XP in Bootcamp and virtualise via, in my case, Fusion, under which environment should you activate XP?
Using a retail version of XP, I guess it doesn't matter, because I believe you can activate a number of times??? But with a legal OEM version, only one activation is allowed.
I think I made the mistake of activating in Fusion. Now I can't run XP in Bootcamp. If I had activated in Bootcamp, I guess I wouldn't be able to run in Fusion?
Does anyone know of a workaround for this, or is the only solution to buy the retail version?
I have read a lot about contacting MS via phone to get a new activation code for my Bootcamp issue but then what? Will I still have problems using XP in Fusion?
All I wanted was the choice of running in either environment and now I am just plain confused.

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