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Hi All,

In my current project which is a marketing website i stuck with an issue.

currenlty site is working fine on all browser i.e. firefox, IE6, IE7, and
safari 3.1.1 also.

but when i tried it on the safari 2.0.4, it looks distorted, so i am not able to understand it was just because of the OS and browser compatibility issue or something else.

Coz while googling i found that safari 2.0.4 is the only version which user can get by browser updation.

currently the OS in my machine is : OS X 10.4.11 with browser versions:
browser version(1) : 3.1.1
browser version(2) : 2.0.4

so i have couple of queries on this:

- which browser version is compatible with this OS?
- which is the most common broswer version for mac safari?
- and last one any info about the comapatiblity of the OS X 10.4.11 and safari 2.0.4?

Thanks in advance,

Muckoda Baron,
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