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undefined Hiya everyone, its my 15th birthday in a few weeks and i just got an ipod 4 xmas and its the best thing ever! But the problem is that my windows computer just takes so long to download songs that i cant download any of them because my internet connection resets before any songs can download (we r talking hours) ive configured the internet so it wont reset but it still does, and also, i cant update my ipod so it wont download music on to it anyway, cos it takes 5 hours and my comp wont stay on for that long. both my computer and my laptop are very new and powerful so i was wondering what i can do?
Secondly, i really want an apple mac but a laptop,, and my garn if offering to get me one up to 700 pounds. I simply love the design of the clamshells, and i am desperate for a pink ibook too, basically kooky cloours are the key, but i simply dont understand anything about the power. i need the laptop to be good for hmwrk and printing, have fastish internet access, and be easyish to use, and support my ipod. what laptop shall i go for? please help!
lots of love (lol) meeee xx
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