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Originally Posted by LEOVAN83 View Post
You can get a 32gb Touch for the price of a 16gb iPhone. I have almost 14 gb of stuff already on my 32gb, and I'm glad I didn't choose the iPhone.

Plus, here's the deal. A phone is an everyday device, which needs to be practical, sturdy, something that you wouldn't be worrying about getting scratched or dropped. An iPhone is too "cool" or "beautiful" for that, I mean, the screen is made of glass and it will crack if it falls, then, it's not very compact. To me, the answer is getting a good rubbery phone so I need nothing to worry about, like my Nextel phone, is simple, rubber all around and I've dropped it TONS of times, I've even driven nails in with it! A phone is a phone, you will put a lot of wear into it, and to me, 500 bucks are not made to be damaged. That's why a Touch seems more reasonable, because you will use it on a totally different basis.
Its funny how different ppl look at things. I would never buy a touch simply because its one more thing to pack, and if I was willing to do that I would get the classic and have tons of storage. The beauty of the iphone is its ability to be a jack of all trades, so to speak. Its my phone, calendar and ipod all in one small package. You would be hard pressed to get me to go back to carrying a phone, ipod, and pda. I can attest to its sturdiness, mine goes with me everywhere every day all day long and it looks as good as the day I bought it which is coming up on a year now. Will I drive nails with it, no I have a hammer, and if I drop it I am not stressed either simply because for 30 bucks a year I got a rider on my insurance that covers it w/no deductible.
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