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I bit the bullet, went to Radio Shack and got Arctic Silver 5 compound, cleaned off the heat sink and processors with a credit card and alcohol as suggested on their site, screwed everything down, kept the door open with a fan pointed right at the heat sink, turned on and prayed.

With the door open and fan on, I am maintaining a 50.5-51.4C temp. When I close up and let the original (and annoyingly erratic) fan do the work, it maintains between 59.5 to 60.5C. This suggests I need a better fan, but I guess the old paste was just preventing any heat from conducting through to the sink. Time to do a mod on the fans. Hmm, should I really get adventurous and liquid cool it--or overclock it? I guess I should first get some mileage out of my fix before I break it.
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