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One of my biggest quirks with itunes is the lack of subscription service. I have been, through rhapsody and now the Zune marketplace, been on a subscription service in one form or another for the past 6 years. I don't like the idea of own music; I mean sure there is some stuff i really like and will listen to forever but i don't really want to buy the current "top 40" over and over again when i more than likely won't like it in 3 months.

Well, one of the things i really wish itunes would do is go subscription ... now i know that is a mixed bag with the apple crowd. Many of them I think defend itunes simply because its an apple product. Honestly however, Apple would make a lot more money on just 15% margins through a subscription service (assuming you could get a couple 10 million people to sign up for it ... which i think is very well possible).

Now if Sky and Universal are doing a DRM free service ... what exactly is there to stop me from importing that music into itunes?
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