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I've got the same model of Quicksilver with 1.5GB also. I didn't have a problem upgrading mine to 1.5GB. All my sticks are from the same manufacturer (Kingston) and they're all 'PC133 - 333' <- which refers to the latency I think.

I'm not sure whether it would have a fit if sticks with mixed latency ratings were added, but I'd assume it would just run as fast as the slowest stick.

It sounds a bit strange that it's running for 30 minutes before crashing though, usually errors caused by the memory can be pretty random. Can you not provoke it to crash sooner by running a memory intensive application?

What I'd do if you haven't already is try running the machine on just one stick at a time, alternating between sticks until you've tried them all. Then if all goes well try two sticks at a time, again making sure all sticks are given a test. If you get no crashes during that time then I don't know But hopefully you can trace it to just one stick that doesn't run well with the others.

You could try getting hold of an Apple 'tech tool' CD or similar to test the memory. I assume you've tried resetting the NVRAM?
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