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I just switched to Mac and I am in the process of setting up my MacBook.

I have a Canon MX700 all in one printer connected to my desktop and shared on the network. Every computer I have can connect to this printer except my MacBook.

I downloaded the lastest OS X drivers for the printer from Canon.
When I go to add printers and select "windows" , the MacBook finds the MX700 on my network, on my desktop.
When I select that printer it asks for drivers....and the MX700 is not listed. I would have thought that installing the latest drivers would have added them to the list. I also cannot find the driver anywhere on the computer so I cannot manually point to it. All I can get to is the IJ Utility and that doesn't have the printer listed (I assume since the printer is not connected directly).

The fact that the MacBook finds the MX700 all by itself on the network shows that it can see the printer...I just can't install any drivers even though I went through the install process with the latest drivers and rebooted the machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


marcus (new mac user)
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