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Hello, we are a school that just upgraded our adminstration to the new model iMacs. We received the systems with 10.3.6, and updated them to 10.3.7 out of the box.

After a few days we started to get complaints that older documents were not printing. We checked, and for example an Excel document (originally created in office 2001) would open, work fine but when we go to print the print progress bar would flash for a short instant, and nothing would happen. Newly created documents in Excel print fine.

On another computer this happened in Appleworks, but at the time we thought the problem was isolated to office and thats all we targeted.

Thinking it was perhaps a System fault, we reinstalled system software -- just replaced the system folder, didn't do a clean install "yet". That didn't help the problem. We used a utility to wipe out all print settings, and restore but that didn't help. We deleted the user account, tried a new and that didn't help.

Any ideas what is wrong, i've been hearing of font corruption in os 10.3.7, could this be the cause? If so, even dumping all the fonts didn't help. We're at a loss hear.

Thanks for any advice
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