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I am hoping to get one of these cards via Craiglist - the seller cannot confirm if they're ready to use in a G4 dual monitor setup, I'm assuming they aren't. As I've mentioned in the past I have to get a card with DVI that can be used in a dual monitor/XP config. Personally I don't need it for games, just to get my Mac back the setup I had before my Radeon 9200 died.

What should I be looking for here ?

Seller's notes:
Nvidia GeForce 4 MX - (AGP)
An older card, came out in 2002. A good basic card.

ATI Radeon 9550 PRO - (AGP)
This card can play games such as Half Life 2. It's a big step above the GeForce4, but still old.

Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS - (AGP)
I have used this to play newer games such as Oblivion on medium-high settings. It had a heating problem, but I replaced the fan on it. My case has poor airflow now, and some fans stopped working, so I don't know if the problem is the card or the fact that I don't have enough fans (it started when I got a new PSU that didn't have a bottom fan)

Nvidia 7600 GTS - (PCI-E)
Haven't tried it, but it can play new games on high settings

Nvidia 8600 GTS - (PCI-E)
Just came out a year or so ago, it's a good card to have and will play all new games coming out
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