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Originally Posted by walkerj View Post
I'm sure there is plenty of other testimonials around this board, but as someone who has gone from Windows/Linux to a Mac (first via a Mini, now a Macbook) this is how it works:

You close the lid, they go to sleep. Pretty much instantly. Open the lid they wake up. In this case, instantly. Mine is set up to require a password on wake because I'm weird like that, but my wife's Black Macbook is not, thus it wakes up when she opens the lid and is ready to work. She loves that. Heck, I love that.

Two gig of RAM makes it fly. Literally. Well, maybe not literally but I use my machine extensively for everything (including that Dashboard thing that a lot of people say to disable; I find it too useful to bother with that and it doesn't take up a lot of resources really) and have had no problems.

There are no viruses. There is no spyware. Don't have to worry about that. Period.

Yes, get Apple Care. I've used it a number of times for my Macbook, and have used it after extending the warrantee with my wife's Macbook a number of times. They're machines, and stuff happens to them. Doesn't mean they're any worse than any other computer, but when you have Apple Care and take your machine for some malfunctioning something-or-other and as soon as you say you have Apple Care (and they verify it with the serno) they fix it, and fix it well at least in my experience.

Right out of the box (well, with a $20 adapter) you can do dual monitor with an external, which is quite nice. I mean you just plug the thing in and it figures it out and you have a nice large virtual monitor with no trouble. No drivers, no DLL's, no install CDs, just plug it in and you're on your way. You can configure it how you like (mine's vertically arranged because that's how it is on my desktop.) Want more storage? I have an external Firewire 250 gig drive, and a USB 80 gig external drive hooked up (the one that came with it in the first place.) When it's time to go somewhere, you 'eject' the external drives, unplug them, close the lid and you're off. Same thing with external keyboard/mouse. Both of them bluetooth and since Macbooks come with built-in bluetooth they work brilliantly. When out and about the trackpad is brilliant, and the internal keyboard is perfectly workable.

Oh yeah, it's got a built-in camera. That's nice especially if you want to video chat with people similarly equipped. Once again, no drivers, DLL's or CDs to install. Or if you just want to mess around with taking pictures with it.

The wireless internet is about the most tenacious of any notebook computer I've used. It'll pick up a signal and be usable from distances where other wireless equipped computers go "WiFi? Where? What? Can't find signal."

Battery life is great, form factor is perfect, and overall it's a great little machine with lots of power. Plus there are perky things like Spaces and Exposť which are also brilliant. You'll just have to mess around with one to really know what I'm talking about.

I think you'll love it. Oh, also if you really want to, you can run Windows as well via VMware, Parallels, or BootCamp. I use Parallels. Rarely use it, but I have it. It's got an XP virtual machine on it for those rare (very rare) times when I absolutely need to run some Windows something-or-other.
I appreciate the write up. The instant access to the computer upon opening is something that greatly interests me. My notebook currently takes roughly 10 seconds to wake up and then another 15-20 to find my network. Which is a total of almost 30 seconds in some cases which seems negligible but I'm sure some of you know where I'm coming from.

Battery, good point. You say it has great battery life. What is standard for a macbook? My notebook currently gets about 2 hours or so but that's on battery saver so my speed is greatly diminished.

I feel bad selling this notebook because it was given to me for Christmas without me even asking. Although I bet I could get at least $400 for it and use that towards the Mac.

Anymore input anyone?
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