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Hey guys,

I just wanted to get a few opinions on my idea of switch from my current HP notebook over to a Macbook.

My current notebook is 7 months old. The only issues I've had is occasionally the hibernate mode will freeze up and I need to battery pull and then restore windows. It's happened probably 4 times since I've had the machine which is annoying on some levels.

The biggest complaint is probably that it's a tad slow with vista. I think it's a 2ghz 64x2 machine with 2 gigs of ram. The ram was a decent increase from 1gig but nothing spectacular.

Would it make sense to switch to a Macbook? I really like the whole idea of a sleek OS with minimal lag. Some other benefits are the magnetic charging plug which I think it's great. One thing that has small appeal to me is the no virus. Since I've never had a virus on any PC in my lifetime it doesn't concern me much, although does the mac receive spyware? That's one thing that just cannot be avoided which may make me feel better.

The hard drives are more effective on storing memory and the OS in consolidated areas, correct?

If I were to get the macbook I would probably go with the black mid-ranged one for $1400 I believe.

One other thing too, if I do decide to go with it, should I consider the extended service plan? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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